Properly executed estate planning helps you organise your affairs so the right people inherit your assets after you die. In addition, we can help you pass on more of your wealth through straightforward Inheritance Tax planning.
Trusts for example, allow you to make a gift of your assets by placing them with a third-party trustee(s) to administrate on your behalf. The trust allows your wealth to be passed on in a tax-efficient way under the control of the trustees.

Different types of trust

Some trusts give the trustees very little discretion, but can be useful when the aim is to establish the future use of assets – who they are to go to, how much and when. For example, a trust giving a widow an income with the capital passing to any children on her death. Others are more complex and could involve many assets to be dispersed across many beneficiaries.

Knowledge and expertise

Inheritance tax is an issue affecting increasing numbers of households across the country. Yet for most people some straightforward estate planning makes it possible for them to protect their families’ inheritance. By obtaining professional advice from Aevum Wealth Management you can ensure more of your estate is passed on to loved ones in a tax-efficient manner.