Have you been ‘catfished’ by a property?

Not all prospective homebuyers will be familiar with ‘catfishing’ – a term from the online dating world to describe a person who presents themselves differently online to how they are in person. But a lot of them have suffered the catfishing experience at property viewings.

New word, familiar trend

A recent survey1 of homebuyers suggested that more than seven in 10 were ‘catfished’ by a property during their search. The most common issue was a property being much smaller than it appeared in photos.

Other let-downs included properties looking more outdated than expected, tiny rooms being advertised as extra bedrooms and poor build quality, which frequently led buyers to believe a property wasn’t worth the asking price.

Extra tools

The best way to avoid disappointment is by doing some extra research rather than relying on the estate agent’s photos. A floor plan can give you an idea of the actual size of each room, while a street view tool could give you a more realistic view of the state of the property.

1MoveStreets, 2021